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Training Programs

Dermisho offers training programs. We train our clients to become professional farmers who are capable of developing and managing their farms in the best most profitable way. To enable a conduceive environment, our training have been grouped into two different trainings.

Online: Trainings are done with the aid of tutorials. Student are required to watch tutorial courses and answer related questions. After the completion of the tutorial, user is then graded according the the result of the test or examnination attempted.

Offline / Private: We understand that students may require a private training for better learning. This is why we have created a special private training program for our students. Student who desire private training are however provided with form which they fill, after which they will be replied through the contacts provided.
Tutorials and Courses
Dermisho offers training programs from beginner to advanced level. Our goal remains development and sustenace of agriculture. We have trained over 5000 farmers to learn and grow within the spacetime of 5 years.

+20 Tutorials

+20 Tutorials

+20 Tutorials

+20 Tutorials
Student Accounts
Register or create a student account with us. With this few steps, you can get your student account running. Please ensure that you have a dufma account. If you don't have an account create now

Student account just became easier
  • Login into your dufma account
  • From the dashboard, select the training or academy menu option
  • Activate your account by clicking activate on the academy page
  • Once you are activated, you will be redirected to your profile page
Note: Ensure your biodata is valid before proceeding to create your account. You can make proper changes to "editable" profile information by clicking on the values.

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