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Welcome to DUFMA
An Agricultural Based Enterprise
Farming becomes easier with us
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Agricultural businesses are the backbone of the society. Helping them grow and become efficient in business means more food for the masses, so therefore DUFMA has put together a perfect combination of Advisory services, Management Tools and investment options that will establish emerging MSME for maximum productivity and proditability.
Advisory Services

Farm Clinic
With our Farm Clinic, DUFMA helps MSME align their agribusiness to position itself to meet customers demands with the best possible option at an affordable price. Our farm clinic consists of the following servises: Farm setup, Management, Evaluation, Structuring, Chemical Test, Market Survey and Linkage. Learn more about our various farm clinic options ...click here
Farm Training
At DUFMA, we value transferring Agribusiness knowledge that births result and we believe our MSME customers need this adequate knowledge on how to start, sustain and effectively manage their Agricultural businesses. Master Class training comes with practical and alternate to practical sessions and can be held both via online and offline channel ...learn more
Farm Management Software

Farm Management Center
DUFMA farm management software consists of tools that help you to manage your agricultural venture and to put seamless operational processes in place that guarantee ease of farm operation through data collection. DUFMA management software comes as an enterprise resource planning tool that contains ME, financial, inventory, risk and supply chain. ...learn more
Farm Investment
DUFMA provides crowdfunding farm investment services to Agribusiness MSME, with our online investment tool, partnered agricultutral MSME to get to list their product on our website to raise funds for their business. This makes it easier for new farmers to receive micro invest into their various agriculture business to expand and start making profits ...learn more
Farm Management Hardware
Farm Management Hardware tool help farmers to farm smarter and imbibe precision farming technology into their business operation. DUFMA's hardware tools helps farmers improve the soil and the rate at which farm returns are monitored or delivered. This tool is advantageous and important in modern agriculture as it also enhances the analysis of other factors affecting production of food crop and animal on the field.

...learn more
About Us

DUFMA is a hybrid Agritech company that integrates farm Advisory services, management software and precision farming hardware together for MSME in Nigeria. Our solution assists MSME in creating a sustainable business processes after which farmers are onboarded into DUFMA's enterprise resource planning software solution and precision farming hardware to help MSME manage their day-to-day business operation which in turn makes this MSME investment ready for possible farm expansion.

With impact on over 10,000 MSME since its creation, DUFMA has been able to deliver strong advisory services to Agribusiness MSMEs. Our Team are academically and professionally qualified with rich wealth of experience to deliver expert services to Agribusiness MSMEs. We focus on delivering quality services to our custimers. We currently operate from Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Vision
The visions of the DUFMA is to become the biggest Nigeria owned Agritech platform with the largest intra-sector user database in Sub-Saharan Africa that helps promote agribusinsess operational efficiency and expansion through its four core services that include, Agricultural Advisory, Training, Management and Investment Services.

Our Mission
DUFMA works to achieve its vision by operating primarily as a service based agaricultural company that charters the course of business operation for agricultural companies and mediate between the various players in the Agricultural value chain particularly the farmers, their respective market and investors. Providing timely information consultation and management services to client.

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