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Farm Services

Our Farm Services was designed to improve farm output by eliminating processes that have been proven to reduce productivity. We offer services to clients using a range of approach such as farm setup and management using historic data analysis to improve the chance of farm success, strategic partnership to strengthen collaborations and unique market linkage to ensure we meet the need of our partners and prospect in terms of profitability and productivity irrespective of how diverse these needs may be.

Farm Setup & Management
At DUFMA we eliminate the risk associated with farm setup and management, by using historic data analysis to model what our farms and the farms of our Client, partners, and prospect may look like under the conventional method of farm setup. We then eliminate the negative indication to improve the success rate of our farms and that of our client by a considerable margin.

Market & Export Linkage
To reduce the profit marginality experienced by our partners and neighboring small holder farm, we use our unique position to as an agricultural establishment with a diverse pool of partnership to close the middlemen gap. This will ensure that farmers get more from their agricultural product.
Farm Projects

Our Farm project cut across all our themed operations. They include Cashew farming project, Plantain Farming Projects, Rural Farmer Digitization Project, Smart farming project, Bee, and Snail Farming project. All this projected are designated to benefit marginalized people in the Nigeria communities. This includes Women and youth across both urban and rural areas.

Rural Farmer Digitalization
The Rural Farmer Digitization project was created to help bring digitization as a concept with a promise for improved productivity to farmers in rural environment. By doing this, we hope to impact unique technical know how on digitization and equally improve the standard of living of these farmers, their families and the community they belong to.

Smart Farming
Our Smart Farming Project is a project that saw us building affordable yet locally made devices for selected farm to improve the indices around general farm health and productivity. Our smart farming gear include, our farm smart box for both crop production and animal. All devices in this project scheme have been designed to efficiently remain cheap and affordable for its users.

About us
DUFMA is a hybrid Agritech company that integrates farm Advisory services, management software and precision farming hardware together for MSME in Nigeria. Our solution assists MSME in creating a sustainable business processes after which farmers are onboarded into DUFMA's enterprise resource planning software solution and precision farming hardware to help MSME manage their day-to-day business operation which in turn makes this MSME investment ready for possible farm expansion. With impact on over 10,000 MSME since its creation, DUFMA has been able to deliver strong advisory services to Agribusiness MSMEs. Our Team are academically and professionally qualified with rich wealth of experience to deliver expert services to Agribusiness MSMEs. We focus on delivering quality services to our custimers. We currently operate from Lagos, Nigeria.
Team members
Micheal Shoremi (C.E.O)
Yinka Adelugba (C.T.O)
Oyerinde Oluwaseun (H.Admin)
Akinola Saheed (Dev.)