female african farmer using her phone

Digitizing Agricultural Solutions Across Africa

We are digitizing various day-day manual solutions in the agricultural sector to help automate, and increase farmers productivity in a way that will help increase food security and reduce climate change.

We Are Bridging the Agricultural Digital Gap

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female african farmer using her phone
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34.5 million Nigerian farmers desire to produce more to earn more, yet they lack the appropriate digital tools to help improve productivity.

At DUFMA FarmClinic, we offer semi-literate and literate farmers an inexpensive digital software product to help manage their day-day operation, finance, payroll, marketing and sales activity.

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Grow Your Own Food & Earn with DUFMA's Cassava Cluster Program!

Get up to 100 Acres Free Farmland Lease

Ever wanted to farm but scared of how to go about it productively? DUFMA's Cassava Cluster program offers a FREE 100-acre farmland lease in Ogun or Oyo State, Nigeria! This is your chance to:

  • Be Your Own Boss: Plant and harvest cassava for your family or sell it for profit!
  • Save Money: Low production costs mean you keep more of what you earn.
  • Join a Thriving Community: Learn from and collaborate with other cassava farmers.
  • Streamlined Success: Plant and harvest together for a guaranteed market after each season.

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Don't miss this incredible opportunity to grow your own food and secure your financial future.

Click the Get Free button to register for your FREE farmland lease and join DUFMA's Cassava Cluster program today!

FarmClinic’s Proven Suite of Productivity Tools Will Take your Agribusiness to the Next Level.

Gathering and analysing farm data is the first path to building a sustainable agribusiness. At DUFMA FarmClinic, farmers are assisted to learn from the market about what works from what doesn't. This knowledge is then used to improve output.

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Are Food Costs Leaving a Bad Taste in Your Mouth? Project 10,000 is Here to Help!

Project 10,000 is a revolutionary partnership led initiative by Adeniyi Shoremi Consulting, designed to tackle food insecurity head-on in Nigeria's southwest.

Our Goal: Reclaim farmland and revolutionize food production through sustainable agroforestry.

The Problem: Food insecurity has gripped Nigeria for far too long. Insecurity, insurgency, and poor infrastructure have made it difficult for many Nigerians to put food on the table.

Our Solution: Project 10,000 is here to change that. By implementing innovative agroforestry techniques, we aim to:

  • Boost sustainable food production by growing more food, naturally!
  • Reduce feeding costs for millions by putting affordable, healthy food within reach for 10 million Nigerians over 10 years.

Join Project 10,000 and be a part of the future of food security for Nigeria! To download the proposal, CLICK HERE.

Supporting Agroforestry to Promote Food Sustainability and Fight Climate Change

Supporting Agroforestry to Promote Food Sustainability and Fight Climate Change

DUFMA purchases farmland prone to deforestation and makes it available to partners, who will then implement an Agroforestry initiative on the farmland to restore the negative effect of technology on the environment and the communities where these farmlands are located.

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Join hands with us to digitize the agricultural sector across Africa

We are always working with various stakeholders to digitize the entire agricultural sector by translating age-long proven method of success into digital product, that can scale and be adapted across Africa. Our mandate is to use our solution to improve food security and sustainability, while championing agroforestry that will remedy the ongoing climate change.

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